2 Sons Instead of One

UPDATE: Theo Rossi “Juice” and Kim Coates “Tig” to appear at 2014 Chicago Motorcycle Show on January 18th.

2013 info:

Theo Rossi and Tommy Flannagan to replace Charlie Hunnam at 2013 Chicago Motorcycle Show. An unexpected movie deal has changed Charlie’s availability and he will not be able to attend the Chicago show but in true Pres style. He has selected two representatives from sons of anarchy to come meet the fans in his place. Theo Rossi ”Juice” and Kim Coates “Tig” will be on location Saturday to meet and greet with fans, sign autographs and represent SOA.

Thanks to our Sponsor Miller High Life we will also be able to expand our VIP experience to support 100 more fans for a private meet and greet with Theo and Tommy. Miller will also be providing Free Beer in the VIP lounge for all VIP’S

Details of the changes are still being finalized a full schedule of appearance times etc will be updated after Christmas.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Show.

Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi as Juice in Sons of Anarchy

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